Metropolitan State University’s Mayoral Forum on September 22nd included (pictured here from left to right) Tom Goldstein, Dai Thao, Elizabeth Dickinson, Melvin Carter, Pat Harris and Tim Holden. The forum included questions asked from the floor by audience members about two general topics: Higher Education and specifically life on the East Side. See all the questions ESABA asked here!

Here are some paraphrases of the candidates answers to questions about Economic and Community Development:

Tom Goldstein We want to create a city where rec centers and schools are not pitted against each other. Where we can be intentional about Job Creation, create a city wide broadband network as an asset for all businesses knowing that the quickest way out of poverty is a job. … The East Side is primed for this development.

Tim Holden - I was a small business owner for 25 years. We can do better in this city to make sure everyone has a fair chance while still tackling our common problems like poverty and education.

Elizabeth Dickinson - As mayor I will reach out and welcome solar wind development and installers - this is the fastest growing industry in the energy sector. We need high speed bus lines down our main streets like White Bear Ave and to get resources redirected back to our business development centers and to our Parks and Rec. Centers.

Promoting the positives of the East Side:

Melvin Carter - We need a city and a mayor who sees our language, cultures and colors not as a problem to be solved... but as the single biggest asset to attract businesses who are looking for a globally competent workforce. When you think this way, the East Side is one of our greatest assets ...we have just been underinvesting in it.

Pat Harris - We need to celebrate this extraordinary neighborhood - bring people here and sell the East Side to people who want to invest in this city. My plan includes $100 million dollar access to capital for business and residents in target neighborhoods like the East Side.

Dai Thao - I will use my media team to promote the incredible perks of this great neighborhood. We should create a city where all our children have a positive future to look to, where our histories and our challenges come together to create a greater St. Paul.