Nessib Negusse’s ADS Catering provided food for the Emerging Farmers Conference, Friday evening, January 25, 2019. Nessib exceeded our criteria for cultural and dietary variety, quick and easy service, and quality food. He did this in January during rush hour.

The conference faced many challenges to fit in time for food in an already tight window of less than an hour to register, feed approximately 150 persons and help them navigate 2 blocks to their workshop sessions. We needed healthy food that could be grabbed quickly, eaten standing up, or carried to the workshops.

What Nessib did that made this possible: sauces were included in the food items rather than on the side, everything except the rice was finger food and it was all easily carried in one bowl. Best, the food was fabulous. This delicious menu included: vegetarian fried rice, beef and chicken skewers, vegetarian egg rolls, and beef sambusas. The charge was very reasonable.

Nessib’s business works out of Kitchen on the Bluff a code kitchen operated by Latino Economic Development Center for small start-up food businesses. Thanks to Kelly Vang for helping us procure Nessib’s services. Check out Nessib's website for more info: