Here is the draft language we suggested based on what we heard from you:


"In accord with this ordinance, the City shall establish a Business Technical Assistance team to serve as navigators and experts to advise small businesses.

This team will be housed in PED, and coordinate with DSI, and HREEO and the Open for Business Initiative to create an integrated service plan for outreach and technical assistance services to help small businesses create plans and strategies to remain viable. Over the phase in period, this team will bring forward recommendations for supports and ordinance changes they establish while working with small businesses. These recommendations will be a point of innovation and dialogue with the city about the resources and opportunities specific to small businesses.

These recommendations and initiatives will need to be fully resourced and supported to be effective. This team will need policymaker support as initiatives and requests for funding and/or ordinance changes come forward.

This team will enhance its outreach and service capacity by hiring external resources to assist in creating a comprehensive marketing and communications plan focused on reaching small businesses from our immigrant and minority communities.

Culturally competent outreach and technical assistance will be foundational to successful compliance and to provide additional assistance in marketing the city's business and technical assistance programs as well as new efforts that are being worked on by staff focused on small businesses in PED and with the Innovation team.

It will be a priority to inform underserved communities about opportunities for investment or public support and learn from underserved communities about what supports can help their business thrive in St. Paul. Staff at the city will actively explore new ideas to help small businesses reduce costs and increase revenue and to make it easier for businesses to operate and attractive for new businesses to locate in St. Paul."