A friendly reminder for folks in your neighborhoods engaged in home and commercial building improvement projects that might qualify for the brand new citywide St. Paul Blend Award!

This award recognizes new construction and major remodeling projects that honor the character of their respective neighborhoods.The idea here is to encourage neighborhood renewal in a historically companionable way.

Projects can be submitted by owners, architects and contractors who are not only invested in their immediate project but have thoughtfully included an expanded view to how their specific project fits in with the neighborhood at large.

If you are aware of people in your area who may qualify please refer them to the website for information on the submission process 
at blendaward.org

Projects include the past five years of construction with projects that have been completed since July 1, 2013.

These projects may include:

*New Construction,
with an opportunity to indicate
* Landscaping
*Outbuilding or Ancillary structure
*Remodeled Exterior or Facade.
AND a special designation for
*Small Projects (under $150,000 total cost).

There is also a special EcoBLEND Badge for those who’ve demonstrated a special consideration for the environment in their building with sustainable building and eco-friendly design!

Nominations are being accepted until July 31st 2018 with submission drop-offs at the Edgcumbe Rec Center, 320 S Griggs St, St Paul, between noon and 5 pm on July 30th or 31st, 2018.

Please help us to get this well-respected award off to a solid start here in St. Paul by passing the information on to anyone you see in the neighborhood who might be a good candidate.