Preferred Hauler Deal for Members

When we work together we have the potential to accomplish more than we can alone. The concerns of one particular business find resonance with their neighbors, sometimes regardless of size or industry. ESABA seeks to maximize our association’s potential to work together to accomplish good for our Member Businesses on the East Side. 

Through our outreach with the BizRecycling program supporting businesses to set up recycling and compost, we learned that one major obstacle to a business’s success was their experience with their hauler. When we compared experiences for a dozen members, we found solid waste haulers have a wide range of costs for similar services, a host of confusing fees, complicated bills and revolving contracts that lock customers into multiple years of service and often significant cost increases. We also heard complaints about customer service delivery as dedicated representatives are replaced by call centers. What our members want:  

  • Resolve confusion about costs (transparency)
  • Dedicated person to pick up the phone (better customer service)
  • Competitive pricing (bulk discount)

In the Spring and Summer of 2018, ESABA joined with Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC) and East Side Neighborhood Development Center (ESNDC) to contact 11 haulers with a request for pricing. We had responses from five haulers and conducted four interviews. We compared the packets they submitted including prices for solid waste, recycling, compositing, fuel and environmental charges, extra pick-ups, and special services. We compared customer service practices and followed-up with reference calls to businesses they serve. We reviewed our process with 12 member businesses and ultimately chose Walter’s Recycling & Refuse to be our preferred hauler because they could deliver on all three of the essentials brought forward by our members. Our members are under no obligation. This is an option you can compare and control. 

Transparency – What you’ll see on your bill from Walter’s: 

  • Base rate  
  • Fuel 13-15% 
  • Taxes – 70% tax on the Trash base rate plus fuel. 0% tax on Recycling and Organics  

Walter’s dedicated customer service representative:

  • Brian Sanders – 763-210-5011 direct, 

Discount for being a part of this program: 

  • Free Assessment 
  • Best possible price for services 
  • Plus an ESABA Member discount – (10% off base rates!) 

Next Steps: 

  • Call Rob Friend at WasteWise for a Free Assessment for setting up a Recycling Program (grants up to $10K) to divert as much waste as possible and achieve the most savings. 
  • Call Brian at Walter’s for a Free Assessment for best pricing for Hauling Services 
  • Get a copy of your current waste hauling contract if you have one 
  • If you don’t, DON’T SIGN anything new   
  • Brian will help with timing, what you need to do, and sending a certified letter to your hauler 

Already a Walters customer? 

  • Call Brian - free assessment to make sure you are getting the level of service you need at the best price 
  • Plus ESABA discount – (depending on service arrangement – 10% off the base rates) 

A Look at Walter's from the Request for Pricing:

Base Prices

Your price may be different based on the weight of your waste, size and frequency.  


We do offer trash service 6 days a week in St Paul. Below is an example of the base price for a property that is 100LBS per yard. I would meet with each customer and price the service per their needs.

   96 gal 2 c.y. 4 c.y. 6 c.y. 8 c.y.
1 per week $20 $60 %90 $103 $163

Single Sort Recycling

We offer single sort recycling 4 days a week in the St Paul area. I would meet with each customer to set up the correct service. Below is an example: 

  2 c.y. 4 c.y. 6 c.y. 8 c.y.
1 per week $40 $55 $65 $75


We offer organic recycling currently 2 days a week and plan to add a 3rd day soon. I would meet with each customer to set up the correct service.  We will have the 96 gallon cart recycling option within the next three months. Below is an example: 

  96 gal 2 c.y. 4 c.y.
1 per week $45 $140 $215


Transparency (extra charges with fixed prices):

  • Missed pick-ups?  
  • Call customer and try to get same day.  Otherwise go back next day when area is clear.  
  • No Charge unless becomes ongoing 
  • Declared time for pick-up? 
  • We can give a ballpark time when we are in the area. It is consistent each week 
  • What is your charge for extra pick-ups?  
  • Ranges from $45 to $80 depending on size of dumpster 
  • Illegal dumping?  
  • There is nothing we can do about illegal dumping. We can mark account as take no extras, and not take anything outside of the dumpster 
  • Consistent price for Fuel and Environmental charges? 
  • Currently fuel is 13% we have not moved more than 2% in the last two years. 
  • Right-sizing services? 
  •  We can change service frequency of pickups but not exchange tanks every six months. If that is what you want it would be a $50.00 exchange fee 
  • Charge for overages?  
  • $13.00 per yard plus taxes 
  • Special items you will pick up and your charges – bulk items charge, etc.  
  • Mattress box spring $25.00 Couch $20.00 but depends on the weight $25.00 box spring  
  • We would like to lock these prices in for a year to allow our members to terminate other service. Are these terms you will agree to if selected? Yes