Speak up Purple People! - Transit Gets a Second Look on White Bear Ave

Speak up Purple People! - Transit Gets a Second Look on White Bear Ave Main Photo

27 Feb 2023

New Development? Well that and Then Some.

Ramsey County Commissioners have given us all another run for routing for the Purple Line Bus Rapid Transit as of their letter delivered to the Maplewood City Council and Mayor last week on Wed (3/22). They will step back and explore White Bear Ave as a potential route moving as quickly as possible to do the research to effectively compare the route to the current Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). Among the factors contributing to the decision, we suspect are strong support for the line, opposition to the Vento Trail portion in Maplewood, a change in end point which affects the calculations, the opportunity to serve many potential riders in the community along White Bear Ave and Maryland Ave, the planned development of the Heights (which proposes adding 1000 residents to the area), as well as the consideration of the All Abilities 2050 Transportation Plan which marks a shift in the overall thinking about planning for County roads, preferring multi modal transportation over solely automobiles. The fact that the project alligns with Greater East Side goals to create a safer, more pedestrian friendly White Bear Ave make this development in the planning process particularly sweet. The East Metro needs a strong project and such a project, if it is relocated to White Bear Ave, could be just the kind of infusion the area needs to revitalize the Greater East Side's Mainstreet.

The time is now for the Purple Line Rapid Transit which has been in the works for over 20 years to hear from supporters. Maplewood is contemplating the pros and cons of the project. Here are some pro messages from discussions we have had on the East Side. If you agree please send along an email to Maplewood City Council Members to show your support.

"Even if you don't use transit, good transit benefits your whole community. It reduces congestion, strengthens the economy by giving people opportunities and options, and strengthens businesses and housing markets." 

"My workers need transportation to get here. Reliable transit means they have more options and make it on time."

"We want investment in our community. Transit stops are permanent on this kind of project. That means good development dollars that are attracted to an asset like this."

"To remain competitve in the region we need to have the kind of transit system that makes our side of town attractive. Who wants to live in that city across the country, Minneapolis? Lots of people. Better transit is part of what keeps us keeping up!"

"Climate change. Congestion. Pollution. Transit is a step toward a cleaner metro that works for all of us. Longterm."  

You can send a straightforward email with any of these messages. Start it out with your name, your business, or why you care about the project and why you think Maplewood is a good destination and any of the messages above. 

Send it today to these email addresses:

Kathleen Jeunemann, Councilmember

Chonburi Lee, Councilmember

Rebecca Cave, Councilmember

Nikki Villavicencio, Councilmember

Download Letter from Ramsey County Commissioners

The photo included is of West Metro Transit station on the Wikipedia site here.