ESABA Board Candidates Part II

27 Jan 2020

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Check out these candidates for the ESABA Board and RSVP for the Annual Meeting coming up on Wednesday!

Jorge Samper, Sunray BP

The East Side is a great, close knit community that's why I chose to own a business here. The sense of looking out for each other is alive and real in the East Side. My connection to the community is through owning and operating the Sunray BP. I would like to serve on the ESABA Board because it’s a great platform to help other business owners and the community as a whole.





Taelor Johnson, Mueller Memorial

Mueller Memorial has been serving families on the East Side for 74 years, which means families have trusted us as the most difficult times in their lives for generations. Families have seen our longstanding commitment to this community and know, when they are at their most vulnerable, that they’ll be well cared for at Mueller Memorial. I serve as the Director of Community Relations at Mueller Memorial and have been working out of my East Side office for almost ten years. I especially enjoy the tough task of deciding which amazing East Side restaurant I should get my lunch from. ESABA empowers East Side businesses to collectively advocate from within for the issues and needs specific to our community. I believe that’s important. Also, after my first term on the Board, I’ve found that my skills in digital and social communication are useful to the organization and would like to continue to provide them.


Marv Koppen, PartyTime Liquors 

I have been a business owner in the community for 40 years and believe in the mission of ESABA. Our association brings us together to serve in bigger ways than we can individually. Giving back and buidling our community is a key part of having a vibrant and thriving East Side. I am active as a member of the Lion's Club and a part of the St. Paul Winter Carnival and have served in the past on the ESABA Executive Committee.