Speak Now: Arcade and E 7th Redesigns and Reconstructions

31 May 2022

A special thanks to State Farm Insurance Good Neighbor Program for their support for outreach to businesses. We met 10 new minority ownerd businesses on Arcade and E 7th Street in this work. Construction of the road and sidewalk for the East 7th Street and Arcade Street project would start in Fall of 2024. During construction, access to businesses on East 7th Street and Arcade Street will be maintained. The project engineering and engagement staff will work with businesses to figure out how to keep businesses open during construction. We’ll be talking more about this as we know more about construction staging in 2023.

RIGHT NOW, your design comments are so helpful and welcome until June 15:

Other items businesses brought up:

  • Shared parking structures or lots along Arcade Street could help with heavy parking on side streets
  • Will there be resources available to help my business weather construction?
  • What creative things can we do to market together?

Just reply to Paris and let us know your interest in those kinds of topics and other things you’d like to talk with other businesses about.