MSS wins Life Enrichment Award for remote services

28 May 2021

Disability Services, Non-profit

MSS, a non-profit supporting people with disabilities, received a Life Enrichment Award for their remote services provided during the pandemic. The award was presented by MOHR, an organization comprised of about 100 disability providers across the state. Isolated at home due to COVID fears and rules, MSS participants with disabilities and staff soon assembled for Zoom classes to meet individual needs. It was a quick learning curve to transfer hands-on learning to virtual engagement. Hitting full stride, the nonprofit grew the work to offer more than 50 different class choices to participants each week. Users help drive the content, as well. New friendships have sprouted and grown, as people learn about the musical interests of others, pets’ names, favorite foods, sports, artists and more. People who are nonverbal get assistance from staff to engage, and use the “chat” function. Family members are connecting as never before and a few volunteers are teaching classes, too. The program has depth, as well, with outside partners interacting with individuals. Upstream Arts, Kairos Alive, MacPhail Center for Music and Roots Music assist with classes. You can learn more about MSS at