NDC and ESABA Celebrate Business Class Graduates

10 Jun 2022



Congratulations to our graduates of the Plan It! Class led by NDC and hosted by ESABA. This is the cohort that includes business ideas for a new salon for Muslim women, culturally competent beauty supply, mobile sauna, HR consulting for Latinx, a cafe serving up community connections, and a housing vision for second chances too. We fed this inspiring group with the dream-become-reality from Mañana, Beniz Tamales and Exquisite Cake Bakery.


Congratulations to MORE graduates this week from the FOOD Plan It! Class led by NDC and hosted by ESABA. This cohort includes business ideas for food processing healthy organic baby food, pot pies of awesome variety, a wine bar with perfect pairings, cake and candy party businesses, a vegan cafe, a lounge, a taco truck, and a community entertainment space. Can you see them on the East Side? Get involved to see how we can help bring these kinds of businesses to our neck of the woods.

ESABA would like to give a special shout out to State Farm Insurance Good Neighbor Grants that help us participate in these programs, meet aspiring business owners and gutsy entrepreneurs and introduce them to the East Side.