Johnson High School Choir Sponsors Needed!

Johnson High School Choir Sponsors Needed! Main Photo

23 Sep 2019

For the first time in almost 30 years, Johnson High School is stretching to take the choir on a choir tour to Chicago, IL. People have been saying that it cannot be done because of the financial barriers that our students face each day. Their director is determined to prove them wrong and give our students an opportunity that they would not normally be able to have. On April 2nd, they plan to embark on a three day adventure to Chicago where students will work with a collegiate choral conductor, attend a Broadway musical, perform at Medieval Times Dinner Theater, and take in the sights of another arts-inspired city. "This opportunity is like nothing else my students have ever experienced, and some may never have the opportunity." Help us get there! We are seeking sponsors. It will cost each student $500 to make the trip. Sponsor a student and we will arrange to come to your business to sing for the Holiday season! For $250 we have tickets for our upcoming concerts. Contact Choir Director Melanie Tlusty via email or 651-744-4021 for all the info.