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2 Sep 2021

Update of Upcoming Event, Latest News

30 Years in 30 Seconds - Let the cameras roll! Send us a short video (30 seconds - 1 minute approx) in whatever format is easiest for you (use your phone for example), and you may be featured in our Online Gala Launch on Sept 23rd or in our soical feed. Send us your thoughts on your business or your journey on the East Side:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Original storefront, photos or description
  • Talk about what your business was like when you started 
  • What was the East Side like, what changes have you seen in the past 30 years
  • What helped your business thrive on the East Side

Any video off a phone should work. It’s important that the videos are filmed in “landscape” mode….meaning you should film yourself with your phone tilted to give it the widescreen look. Videos received by Sept 15th may be included in the video montage at our Online Gala Launch event September 23rd.  

Things to remember when taking your video: 

  • The audio is clear (best to film in quiet place)
  • The lighting is decent (film with light on face and try to avoid sun or bright lights behind you)
  • Film in “landscape” or “widescreen” mode.


Upload your video by sending it to our Media Sponsor, William Schultz at Vivid Concepts Media:

Questions: Paris Dunning,