East Side Treasure Hunt - PABA and East Side Lions

14 Sep 2021

The East Side Treasure Hunt begins on September 17th and a clue will be posted each day for eight days ending on Sept 24th.  They will be published on ESLions.com at 5:00pm.  


Hidden within the boundaries of Larpentuer Avenue, 7 th Street,  Johnson Parkway,  and highway 35 E, a medallion will be placed. 
On public ground it can be found,  avoid private property, golf courses,  schools,  churches,  and businesses. 
Avoid all landscaped plantings,  and respect natural wild flower areas.
No digging, climbing, or dismantling of any city property is allowed. 
The finder will be allowed to keep the medallion, the $1000 prize, and be present at a ceremony on Saturday Sept 25th at the stage at the Solidarity Street Gallery.
Find more information at ESLions.com 

The Lions Club & PABA  have the right to cancel the hunt at any moment if these rules are not followed.