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13 Oct 2020

BizRecycling has introduced a new Relief Grant. As of now applications will be accepted through October 31, 2020. If members are already familiar with BizR, they can apply directly at this link:

New things this can be used for:

Covering hauling costs for Orgnaics

Staff impacts due to COVID or increased hauling or program costs

Sustainable To Go Containers - Copostable or Recyclable

For members that are just hearing about BizR, please let them know they can reach out to Jasmine Jones directly with questions and can discuss this Relief Grant along with the traditional BizR grant that’s available.

**One thing to note that is not listed as an eligible expense but has been a COVID related expense for many business is PPE. The grant will not cover face mask, hand sanitizer or other PPE for businesses**

Contact Jasmine Jones for more info-