Unrest and Preparing for the Unpreparable

Unrest and Preparing for the Unpreparable Main Photo

26 Oct 2020

Civil Unrest and Community Responses took front and center on Oct 22nd at our East Side Connect. David Alarcon of Munisupport a Chicago firm that does consulting for emergency response presented alongside Erika Bennett, property manager at Sunray Shopping Center about plans that that property is making to be prepared for future events of Civil Unrest where the center may be under threat and need a coherent and executable plan to protect shoppers, workers, and property. Tips and take-aways for all of us:

  • Sign up for your communities Emergency Notification System
  • Put a plan together that includes how to close your parking lot and check it with the Police and City/Fire so as not to impede those agencies
  • Put your Number Address on all your entrances (espeically the back door)
  • As a community we could put together a referal for contractors who could help with Board-Ups and contractors who could help with Barriers.

Mr. Alarcon has offered to help ESABA and East Side organizations put together a plan. We need a few good business folks to help with this important work. You want to serve? This committee service will consist of three meetings and some side work and result in a community plan we can operationalize. 

Contact Paris to get involved and find out more: Paris Dunning paris@esaba.org